Heritage is about the future, not just the past.  It is about the quality and character of the places we live.  For almost 60 years, the National Trust of South Australia, a not-for-profit community organisation, has led the call to preserve our heritage.    Join us in discovering, exploring, celebrating and protecting the heritage of the City of Adelaide.  Let us know what you care about!.

  • Election 2018: Valuing our heritage public forum 15 February

    Election 2018: Valuing our heritage public forum 15 February

    Heritage is an election issue of interest to many people. The National Trust is convening a public forum to debate the risks and opportunities for our heritage with MPs and candidates from major parties invited to respond to your questions about heritage in a Q&A style format on Thursday 15 February at ... Read More »
  • City Treasure: Adelaide Mosque

    City Treasure: Adelaide Mosque

    Built in 1889-90, the only mosque within Adelaide's square mile was built by the then-small Afghan community of South Australia. The Adelaide Mosque is historically significant as one of the few relics of Afghan immigration to South Australia in the nineteenth century. Camels were first imported in significant numbers in the 1860s and ... Read More »
  • East End Discovery

    East End Discovery

    Discover the unique cultural and historical features of Adelaide's East End! Famous for its markets, food, fashion and hotels, cafes and restaurants, this leisurely guided tour explores the hidden treasures and heritage icons of this iconic precinct. Join us on Saturday 25 November at 11am, departing from Ayers House Museum, book via
  • East Terrace: Slums and Socialites

    East Terrace: Slums and Socialites

    Our understanding of the Victorian era is often shaped by two extremes: the refined wealth of the aristocracy, and the harsh Dickensian squalor of the poor and working class who toiled at the coalface of the Industrial Revolution. A stroll down East Terrace reveals both sides of life in 1800s Adelaide. Life was ... Read More »
  • Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City

    Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City

    A peculiarity of the current government is that it appears to have two ministers for heritage – one for and one against. Ian Hunter oversees the Heritage Council which looks after places of importance to the State and occasionally adds some. John Rau, Minister for Planning, acts as the Minister Against Heritage, ... Read More »

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Manitoba Housing Complex listed

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Future of Heritage Public Forum February 20th


Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City

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