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The Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange was constructed in 1904 shortly after Australia’s Federation. It was established with private investment by a special Act of Parliament at the request of a company lead by William Charlick. The East End Market Company was later taken over by the Corporation of the City of Adelaide.

The architect was Henry J. Cowell. The profusion of detailed ornamentation in the facades make them a distinctive feature of the streetscape. Constructed of brick with cement dressings, the ground floor shopfronts are prominent with their elaborate timber, cast-iron and neatly glazed sections, while the first floors are more simply detailed, the whole being modulated by the gabled projecting half-timbered canopies to semi-circular and semi-elliptical arched entrances of guaged and brick on edge brickwork with cement moulds. The Clasically derived moulds and strings as well as detailing remain very crisp.

At the time of their establishment, the East End produce markets boasted the most advanced facilities anywhere in Australia. The Adelaide Fruit and Produce Exchange operated at the site for 80 years.

In the late 1980’s the proposal to relocate the marketout of the city and redevelop the site caused major debate about the future use of the site and the preservation of its distinctive architecture. The redevelopment project completed in 1988 preserved the street facades, but demolished the main market area behind to make way for new apartments, shops and office buildings.

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