Art Gallery of South Australia

1898 to 1900

The Art Gallery of South Australia began as the National Art Gallery of South Australia once it separated from the South Australian Institute, which originally incorporated the Gallery, Library and Museum.

The freestone for this building came from Murray Bridge. The foundation stone was laid in 1898 and the original building was completed in 1900. The building’s evolution in stages demonstrates changes in taste from its construction to the present day.

In 1936 the original porch was removed and a new front gallery and colonnaded portico added. In 1962 and 1979 significant extensions were added.

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2 thoughts on “Art Gallery of South Australia

  1. Who designed the building of the art gallery of south Australia? I cannot find an architects name

    • Hi Sherry, C.E. Owen Smyth was the Superintendent of Public Works at the time of the building’s creation and would have overseen and driven the design process (the office of Superintendent replaced the Architect-In-Chief role that his predecessor E.J. Woods held).