Botanic Garden – Museum of Economic Botany

1879 to 1880
Current owner/occupier:
Adelaide Botanic Gardens
First owner/occupier:
Adelaide Botanic Gardens

The Museum of Economic Botany was established in the Botanic Gardens in the late 1870’s under then Director Dr Moritz Richard Schomburghk. The building was designed by the Architect-in-Chief E.J. Woods and built under his supervision in the Greek Style. The entrance is emphasised by a portico and six raised steps. Six eight feet (3 metre) high windows flank the entrance and three windows face west. The ceiling is delicately detailed. In was officially opened in 1880. It has been described as ‘the last purpose built colonial museum in the world’.

In 2009 the building re-opened again for public visitation after major restoration works were undertaken.

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