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George Stevenson arrived in South Australia in H.M.S. Buffalo in December 1836 as Private Secretary to Governor John Hindmarsh, the Colony’s first Governor. In June 1837 Stevenson became editor of South Australian Gazette and Colonial Register.  A year after his arrival, in December 1837, he was granted four acres of land (Town Acres 991, 992, 965 and 966).  By 1841 Stevenson devoted himself to gardening here on that land which had frontages to Finniss Street and to Melbourne Street. On this he built a house and a gardener’s cottage; this building, the only one included which retains its original sheet-iron roof, is all that remains.

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2 thoughts on “Buffalo Cottage – House

  1. George Stevenson planted an olive tree,which he had brought to Adelaide on HMS Buffalo, in his garden at Finniss Street. .It is in a garden two doors down from 88 Finniss Street and is in a state of total neglect. It seems as though the owner is trying to kill it. This tree is an important heritage object and deserves care, even to have a Heritage Order placed on it.
    I am researching the history of the olive in early South Australia and I have to say I was shocked to learn of this, when nineteenth century olive trees are flourishing in the parklands. I can’t upload an image as the tree is barely visible from the street and the owner is apparently unapproachable.
    Thank you and regards, Elizabeth Guster