Christ Church (Anglican)

1848 to 1849

There is no doubt that this limestone church with its detailing in the English Norman style was designed by Henry Stuckey, architect, and that it was begun in 1848; but probably only the choir and transept were erected in Stuckey’s lifetime, the apse being built after his death in 1851 and the nave later.

Plans for Christ Church, the apse of which faces Palmer Place, North Adelaide, were brought from England by Bishop Short, South Australia’s first Anglican Bishop in 1847. The foundation stone was laid by him in the presence of the Governor, Colonel Robe, on Ascension Day 1 June 1848.

It was consecrated on 20 December 1849, and in a letter to England Bishop Short described the interior as follows: “The pulpit, desk, table, communion rail, chairs, etc., are of polished cedar finished in the correct Norman style; the fittings, also of the same material and character, are in advance of similar fittings in the churches at home; the dark rich colour of the cedar giving greater tone to the effect.”

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