Convent of Mercy (Catholic) – Cunningham Memorial Chapel


Completed in 1922 the Cunningham Memorial Chapel of the Convent of Mercy was built as a memorial to Mother Cecilia Cunningham’s parents and is remarkable for its excellence of design and workmanship at a time when craft skills were still highly regarded. The richly detailed surfaces and finishes render this particular building unique in Adelaide. The consistency of detail and the marriage of the old convent building with the new is well carried through the design being perhaps the finest to come from the hand of Walter Hervey Bagot. No expense was spared in carrying out his design with its heavily coffered ornate ceiling superb parquet flooring richly carved altars and London-designed stained glass windows.

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  1. My Aunty Eily Berna Carpenter died in Transvaal in 1946 before I was born. Eily successfully passed the Junior theory of music at the University of Adelaide in 1901.