Eothen – House

Also known as:
St Corantyn
1891 to 1892

Dating from 1891-92, St Corantyn is a significant and well preserved example of the work of architect George Klewitz Soward. It was built for Soward’s half-sister Eliza and her husband Charles Hornabrook who was the licencee of the York Hotel.  The house is of relatively modern design though it retains elements of Victorian gothic styling that were common especially in institutional buildings in Adelaide.  The interior decoration in the form of the elaborate carved timberwork and stained glass work continues the Gothic theme and gives the house the feel of a large English manor.

The brickwork and internal detailing remain largely intact and are of a design that reflects the contemporary influence of the Arts and Crafts architects practising in England. St Corantyn is also associated with prominent 20th Century Adelaide citizens including furniture emporium proprietor Malcolm Reid who lived there from 1912-1928 and Adelaide Lord Mayor Sir John Lavington Bonython.  Bonython was the last private owner of the house and lived in it for the longest period (1928-1960).  His second wife (Jean Warren) who had interests in interior decorating probably had the most influence on the existing and original fabric of the house. Although no longer in use as a residence St Corantyn retains the form and features of a grand residential mansion overlooking the Park Lands and reflects the status and lifestyle of some of the notable residents of Adelaide.

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2 thoughts on “Eothen – House

  1. Charles and Eliza Hornabrook are ancestors of mine, and there is a family history by Joan Hornabrook, The Hornabrook Hunt (privately published, 1978) which outlines their lives. Charles St in Adeaide is said to have been named after him when he was licensee of the nearby York Hotel (no longer in the 1890s). The architect George K Soward was Eliza’s half brother, not father.