House at 225 Brougham Place


Though built in 1862 this house has a Regency flavour.  The porches are not original.  In 1873 it was bought by J.N. Blackmore, first Secretary in 1864 of the Adelaide Club, and Under Treasurer for South Australia from 1870 to 1875.  He lived here and for him the south wing was built. In 1909 the house was bought by Ranembe Morgan.  It forms an important part of the townscape adjacent to the Congregational Church.

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2 thoughts on “House at 225 Brougham Place

  1. When my family first moved to Adelaide in 1972, we lived in this beautiful home. Living here from 1972 when I was Seven, until around 1977. I have some fond memories of the beautiful gardens, and fountain and goldfish pond. There was a walnut tree that hung over the carport roof right at the rear of the property on Old Road. The memories of the wall paper, the cellar, the fireplaces have stayed with me. I even remember our phone number, and the horses in the nearby park.

    • Sounds like a wonderful place to grow up Gemma. Please feel free to share any old photos of the house or those wonderful sounding gardens if you have any – it’s fascinating to see how the decor of these heritage buildings change with the times!