House at 261 North Terrace

1881 to 1883
First owner/occupier:
Arthur Waterhouse

The building is a survival of the time- in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries- when North Terrace was a sought-after residential street.  It is a small, but elaborate Victorian villa in the French style, consisting of a porch, sawn ashlar stone, rusticated quoins, disappearing jalousies, mansard slate roof, with an attic and a parapet terminated by urns.  The roof, with its attic window, is distinctly French, and although elaborate, is well scaled to so small a house.  It has a fine iron fence gate and posts.  The verandah has been removed and a later addition obscures the porch.

It was built from 1881-1883 for Arthur Waterhouse to a design of William McMinn, architect.

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NTSA Listed, State Heritage Listed
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9 thoughts on “House at 261 North Terrace

  1. I am the Great-great-great( I think that’s enough!) grand-daughter of Thomas Greaves Waterhouse, father of Arthur.

    I grew up in Adelaide, in Baliol St initially, near others appropriately named Bagot, Trinity, Malborough, etc.

    My father, Ronald Greaves Waterhouse born 1928, died 2013, was a prominent anaesthetist in the town. He researched his family history a lot, found connections that he documented. This information has been lost. Would like anything that you have. Arthur married a Morgan, the Bentley name was attached to Emily his elder sister. Please add

  2. Noticed a balcony has been attached to the building. Not sure I’m happy with it, all these add-ons by the latest owners seem like over kill to me.

  3. Hi Janet, I would love to make contact, wud have recently purchased a waterhouse property in nth Adl, and are looking to fill in some gaps

  4. It appears that a multi-level apartment building is under construction behind – but also, in part, attached to this Heritage building. Does anyone have information on how this construction got approval?

  5. Hi Janet.
    I am researching Emily Waterhouse. Her son was Walter Owen Bentley the founder of Bentley Motors and the famous Bentley Boys racing team…your Waterhouse family played a significant role in the development of Adelaide…

  6. Hi janet,
    So sorry to hear of Ron’s information being lost – I know he did a lot of work. Tim doesn’t have it???
    Best wishes, if a wee bit late,

    John Waterhouse