Pirie Street Methodist Church

1850 to 1852
First owner/occupier:
Weslyan Congregation

This church, which was designed by Henry Stuckey, was begun in 1850 and finished in 1852, a year after the architect’s death, so like other work of that architect he did not live to see it finished. It is less interesting than his other work; perhaps this demonstrates how much most of the early buildings in Adelaide depended for their charm upon the colony’s traditional building materials of yellow limestone rubble walling and pink bricks for quoins and trim to door and window openings.

The Weslyan congregation moved into the Pirie Street Methodist Church in 1851 from G. S. Kingston’s chapel in Gawler Place, which had become too small for the growing congregation. When the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregational churches combined to form the Uniting Church in Australia, it became redundant and was bought by the Adelaide City Council and demolished in 1976.

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Despite its pleasing fenestration and careful detailing, its plain stucco made it one of the least attractive works of the architect.

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4 thoughts on “Pirie Street Methodist Church

  1. Was your church united with other churches and became united church, in 1967? was the pastor called Kith Smith?

    • Hi Victor, the Pirie Street Methodist Church did become part of the Uniting Church, but we don’t have any information regarding Kith Smith unfortunately. Uniting Church SA may have more information regarding the church’s history.