Simpson and Company Imperial Warehouse


A. Simpson and Son’s Colonial Tinware Manufactory was on the northeast corner of Grenfell Street and Gawler Place. Simpson’s had occupied the site in 1854, and first stages of the building were constructed about this time. In 1971, the second floor was added to the design of James Cumming; Brown and Thompson were the contractors. The building was extensively altered in 1934 after the firm had left the premises and was demolished in 1956.

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8 thoughts on “Simpson and Company Imperial Warehouse

  1. Hi, I have a pair of metal camel water tanks with straps that could have been made in the SA factory, I tried to send a photo. Mick

  2. Hi my name is ivan,i restore vintage motorcycles.i have a front mudguard off a motorcycle circa1920’s-1930’sthat was purchased in a joblot of old parts.on the front is a small plaque that has the name A.SIMPSON&SONS ADELAIDE MAKERS.i am unsure why it was fitted to the guard although there is an area on the underside which has had a metal repair.i do not know of the company making motorcycle parts but may have done the repair only other conclusionis that it was owned by someone that had links to the company.any knowledge invited via email.

  3. did this company make the old water tanks that were like the ones that “furphy” made ? ….. i have picked up a tap HANDLE that looks as if it was off one…. it has their name on it…..

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  4. Hi there. We recently come cross a 3 panel folding grater which on closer examination has the A Simpson & Son makers stamp.

    I’ve tried to find similar on web with no luck. We are hoping to determine its age and we can only assume it would be prior to C1956 asked on the companies history.

    Quite a “unique” item for its time really.

    Hoping you may be blue to help in some way.

    Many thanks


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