St Mary Magdalene’s Anglican Church


Built in 1887, St Mary Magdalene’s was established mission church of St John’s Anglican Church on the site of the old St John’s church.  It was designed in the Gothic Style by R. Garlick Howell and built of brick and bluestone re-used from the earlier church.

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8 thoughts on “St Mary Magdalene’s Anglican Church

  1. I attended St Mary Magdalene’s Church for many years and have done some research on its history. My understanding is that St Mary Magdalene’s was built from the the bricks and windows of the old St John’s Church in Halifax Street which was pulled down to be replaced by a new church which is the existing Church of St John. There was no church where St Mary Magdalene’s is now before it was built in the 1880s. The Blue Plaque entry on the Internet for the church includes the following information: Long Description: “The church was built in 1887 as the Mission Church of St. John’s Halifax Street. It was constructed of materials salvaged from the original St. John’s, demolished around 1886”. I think the location of the church on the map on this page is wrong as the church is in the Adelaide CBD, not at Glenelg/Brighton as shown on the map. Please don’t think I am being critical. I just like information to be entirely accurate, where possible, as I am sure you will agree.

    • Dear Robert, thank you for your feedback. The map was indeed wrong and has now been corrected. We would really appreciate any more information you would like to share about the church. We are slowly working to further develop these entries, so any information or photographs you would like to share about the church would be much appreciated. You can email us at Thanks again for your comment.

  2. It’s a pity file uploading doesn’t seem to work. And it’s annoying to have to re-enter details every time I want to post a comment.

    • Thanks Dave. That’s a great picture. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night at the launch of Adelaide City Explorer.

  3. As Myrith Gibbs I married Trevor Barr on 15/10/1955 after having attended St.M.M since I was introduced by my SS teacher when 11 years old. Trevor was also confirmed at St.M and prepared by the then Rev’d Howell Witt, who married us. We continued to attend until 1960 when our first child was born and we then attended St. Michael’s Mitcham. Wonderful memories.

    • What a great connection, the church must inspire a great deal of nostalgia after spending so much of your formative years there. Did you ever return to the congregation after moving to the suburbs?