State Library of South Australia – Jervois Wing

1879 to 1884

The Jervois Wing of the State Library of South Australia on North Terracewas built to a design attributed to C. T. Light between 1879 and 1884.  On a solid stone base, it features semicircular arches above doors and windows, and octagonal towers.

The Jervois Wing was built as the second home of the South Australian Institute. It was planned as the first stage of grandiose new accommodation for the Institute and was intended to be joined by three other wings to form a quadrangle. The building was occupied in 1882 but the Library and Museum were not formally opened until 18 December 1884 by which time the Institute had been replaced by the Public Library Museum and Art Gallery a combined body managed by a single board. The Jervois Wing housed the National Gallery (now Art Gallery) of South Australia 1882-89 and the Museum until 1893. Since then the Library has been the principal tenant. The interior is significant as a relatively well-preserved example of a Victorian library.  In 1914 a duplicate wing was completed to the east of the Jervois Wing, and this at present houses part of the Museum.

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