Tivoli Hotel

Also known as:
National Hotel, Tivoli Ballroom

The current Tivoli Hotel occupies a site that has been associated with entertainment since 1846. The main hotel building facing Pirie Street was designed by Rowland Rees, architect and dates from 1878. The balcony, with its coupled wooden posts and delightful balustrade, rests on carved wood brackets.  The hotel at the front of the site was also known as the National Hotel.

The Tivoli Hotel is indicative of the provision and increasing need for hotel accommodation in the early years of Adelaide’s development. More significantly the hotel retains one of the very few remaining large rooms which were attached to many 1850s and 1860s hotels in South Australia which were used as theatres or assembly rooms. These spaces were provided at hotels before town halls institute halls and later purpose-built theatres were constructed and represent the provision of social facilities in the young colony.The Tivoli’s ballroom was one of the last remaining of its kind both in the City of Adelaide and throughout the state. The Ballroom was a popular live music venue through the 1970’s-1990’s.

The hotel was extensively renovated in 2008 and continues to offer live entertainment and a range of dining options.  The ballroom has been transformed into an up-scale restaurant.


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4 thoughts on “Tivoli Hotel

  1. I used to live in the National hotel in the 50’s…I think I was only about 5yrs old when there was an earth quake and the wall fell on my bed…lucky for me I was not in it!!!!

    • That must have been during the earthquake of March 1954? It’s not often you hear of that kind of seismic activity in Adelaide, glad to hear you survived it!

    • Sounds like the Tivoli’s kitchen offerings went through many interesting periods Bob, would you be able to post a photo of the menu?