Yarabee House

Also known as:
National Wine Centre- Administration, Lunatic Asylum - Medical Officer's Residence, Adelaide Botanic Garden
Current owner/occupier:
National Wine Centre Administration
Previous owners/occupiers:
Adelaide Botanic Garden Administration

Historically this place is associated with the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum that operated for 40 years on a site that is now part of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. The former residence which was built in 1866 for the Medical Officer of the Asylum East Lodge together with some walling and the former morgue are all that remain of the Asylum.  As a result of a  land swap in the early 1930s Yarrabee House was associated with the Botanic Gardens until the National Wine Centre was constructed in 2001

Current status and listings

ACH Status:
Heritage Protection:
NTSA Listed, State Heritage Listed
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2 thoughts on “Yarabee House

  1. My grandparents William and Jessie McFayden lived at Yarabee House for many years after leaving their property at Lipson on the Eyre Peninsular I have a photo of my mother leaving from there to be married up the road at Holy Trinity Church in 1934, I was born in 1935. They finally lived in Childers St. North Adelaide. Do you have records of their years at Yarabee, please?