Sturt Street Sites

Cottages at 165 and 165A Sturt Street

Cottages at 165 and 165A Sturt Street
These one-storied cottages were built in the 1840s and by 1849 were owned by John Martin; they were built of brick and their scalloped wooden fascia board came before cast-iron lace. The extension of the roof to form the veranda was unusual in an Adelaide cottage. They were demolished in the early ... Continue Reading »

Bushmen’s Club

The Bushmen's Club was a philanthropic initiative associated with John Howard Angas.  The idea was to provide a 'home' in the city for South Australia's itinerant bushmen.  In 1870 the Club was established on Whitmore Square on the site of a house formerly occupied by Judge Cooper that had been ... Continue Reading »

Shop at 175 Sturt Street

This building dates from 1878, its interesting shop front has been preserved, although it is now a private home.