Guided Tours

How well do you really know the streets of Adelaide? Have you stepped inside the longest-standing pub in the city, explored genteel North Adelaide through the eyes of a frustrated 20th century teenager or learned the truth about Victoria Square’s fabled underground tunnels?

The National Trust’s Adelaide Tours program sheds new light on our city’s past and present, linking together both beloved and oft-forgotten heritage sites to tell the colourful and sometimes strange stories of South Australia’s capital. These popular themed walks are a great fit for visitors, business groups or even just locals looking to explore the city from a new angle.

The National Trust offers a number of guided tours around iconic heritage buildings, from our flagship property Ayers House on North Terrace to the Old Treasury Building.

Explore the full range of walks here.

  • East Terrace Promenade

    East Terrace Promenade

    Life was good if you were lucky enough to join the social set that hovered around the stately homes of late nineteenth century East Terrace. Unless you happen to get a whiff of the industrial runoff from the working class area up the road, that ... Read More »
  • Old Treasury & Tunnels Tours

    Old Treasury & Tunnels Tours

    Journey through winding hallways and underground chambers to meet the colourful characters and deep history behind one of Adelaide’s oldest colonial buildings. From riots and floods to historic reforms the Treasury sat at the heart of South Australia’s political life – come explore its secrets ... Read More »
  • Ayers House After Dark

    Ayers House After Dark

    Step back in time to 1876. Join Butler (Mr Wilkins), Housekeeper (Mrs Galvin) and Cook (Mrs Jenkins) on this special visit to Ayers House. The Master and Lady are out for the evening and staff are ready to show you through the ... Read More »

Self Guided Trails

We have also compiled 10 themed Heritage Walking Trails to guide you in your own exploration. Let us know which ones you like and what you would like to see.

  • Crime and Mayhem

    Crime and Mayhem

    Though unique in its establishment as a free colony in Australia, South Australia is not without its colourful criminal past. The sites included in this tour represent the establishment of the state’s law and order, some dating back to the early days of the colony ... Read More »
  • Adelaide Vintage Pubs

    Adelaide Vintage Pubs

    From corner to corner, the city streets are dotted with some of the oldest and best-known pubs and hotels in Adelaide. Highlights include the Newmarket Hotel on the corner of North and West Terrace, which has a famous connection with Colonel William Light and holds claim ... Read More »
  • City of Churches

    City of Churches

    Some of the oldest religious structures of the city can be found in North Adelaide, and they are as varied as the faiths they represent. Well-known for its grand stone presence on King William Road, St Peter's Anglican Cathedral has been part of the city's built ... Read More »
  • Faith in the City

    Faith in the City

    Perhaps some of the most celebrated and significant heritage buildings of the city are those dedicated to worship and faith. Adelaide’s well-known reputation as the ‘city of churches’ is evidenced by the numerous and varied religious structures found throughout the city. The sites included in this ... Read More »

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